The Cooperative Society

ETICA SOC. COOP. SOCIALE is a non-profit organization, born in 2003 in the pristine hills of Segesta in the province of Trapani, where the shining Sicilian sun, the Mediterranean climate and the pure air of these areas are ideal to bring to life genuine products with the highest quality.

Particularly sensitive to the problems of the weakest people, Etica has worked and continues to work for human promotion, through interventions to help and support people in conditions of hardship and marginalization.

In 2014, the founders decided to carry on a dream made of love and passion for their land, undertaking the agricultural activity and specializing in the cultivation of aromatic herbs with the “Aromathica” brand.

The Brand

Aromathica is the brand of the first cold dried aromatic herbs.

Our aromatic herbs are grown with organic standards and dried with the most modern technologies available today in Italy. All Aromathica herbs are grown and harvested directly by our company and only in our land, in order to have total and continuous control over the quality and safety of the product.

Unlike other herbs that lose most of their organoleptic qualities due to obsolete drying processes, Aromathica is able to preserve the color, smell and taste of herbs thanks to an innovative and exclusive cold drying system. The herbs are dried much longer but at a very low temperature, in order to give us tasty and fragrant herbs as if just picked. For our customers this means having an ally in the kitchen to prepare much tastier and more fragrant dishes.

Cold Drying

The “Cold” drying system allows the aromatic herbs to be dehydrated as delicately as possible, with temperatures starting from only 4° C, in order to maintain the aroma, color and structure of the phyto-complex unaltered. This innovative proprietary principle is called Vaporization Chain System.

Aroma, color and structure of the phytocomplex







Tasty and Fragrant
as if Just Picked

Best organoleptic qualities, appearance and conservation, ensure a product with significantly higher added value.

Place of production: C.da Pietrarinosa – CALATAFIMI SEGESTA (TP)

Registered office: Via Monte Bonifato, 112 – Alcamo (TP)

VAT number 02094770811