Tasty and fragrant
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Sicilian Aromatic Herbs

The first cold dried

Aromatic Herbs

Our products maintain the aroma, color and structure of the phyto-complex unaltered.


Oregan of Sicily


Origanum vulgaris is a fragrant herb to be used in cooking and contains valuable active ingredients that can exert an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant function in our body.

Rosemary of Sicily


The botanical name of Rosemary is Rosmarinus officinalis and is a bushy shrub with a woody stem with narrow and linear dark green leaves.

Thyme of Sicily


Thyme is an aromatic herb native to the Mediterranean, it belongs to the Lamiaceae family, has a bushy shape and has a woody stem, small and long leaves, whose color ranges from pale green to gray.

Sage of Sicily


Sage is a typical aromatic plant of the Mediterranean. Belonging to the Lamiaceae family, it has elongated leaves with a typically gray-green color and a branched stem that can grow up to 80 cm.

Mint of Sicily


Mint is a perennial aromatic herb that can reach a height of one meter and grows easily in almost all temperate climates. It is a herb magnified by the ancients for the properties that were attributed to its active ingredients and for its taste.

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Tasty and Fragrant
as if just Picked

Best organoleptic qualities, appearance and conservation, ensure a product with significantly higher added value.

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